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Tadeáš Salva - CD mesiaca

Najnovšie CD Eugena Procháca  zostavené z diel slovenského skladateľa Tadeáša SALVU sa stalo CD mesiaca a v polovici júna 2013 40 Top Bestsellers vydavateľstva NAXOS na umiestnilo na 7.mieste. Bližšie info o CD TU.

David's Review Corner, March 2012

Tadeáš Salva was born in Slovakia in 1937 and looked to be heading towards a career as a cellist, but instead chose to study as a composer. Finding academic life in his native country unsatisfying, he moved to the College of Music in the Polish city of Katowice, there coming under the influences of Lutosławski and the young Penderecki. His first mature years find him totally immersed in atonality, but like Penderecki, and many of that era, he eventually turned back from that dead-end road. The present disc is given to works featuring the cello, the earliest, the Concerto for Cello and Chamber Orchestra completed in 1967 and is in two linked movements lasting around twelve minutes. Often pitting the soloist against orchestral outbursts, it is strenuous for all concerned. Twenty years later came the third Slovak Concerto Grosso scored for violin, cello and organ, its basic material coming from the folk music that delivers tonality, and anyone coming to Salva’s music would be advised to start here, as its three movements are readily pleasing to the ear. Two years later the Little Suite for cello and piano continues in its use of melody, each movement short and ending with a happy Rondo. Three Arias, for the same instruments, revert to a more astringent mood, though the bell-like accompaniment makes for a fascinating finale. Eight Preludes for Two Cellos was an incomplete work at the time of his death, and would, no doubt, have eventually numbered twenty-four. Virtuoso in its demands, it intertwines the two instruments in fascinating patterns. The brilliant Slovak cellist, Eugen Prochac, plays throughout and is joined by the pianist Nora Skuta, in the Arias and Suite. The Slovak Radio Symphony is forthright in the Concerto, but where have these recordings of such outstanding quality been hiding, some dating back eight years? Much recommended to the inquisitive. © 2012 David’s Review Corner

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